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Modern Life Is War "Midnight In America"


In 2005, Modern Life Is War signed with Deathwish Inc. and spent the next few months writing and recording songs for what would become their second album, "Witness," which was released in June 205. Deathwish reissued "My Love. My Way." in the fall of 2006 and the band hit the road with Strike Anywhere and Bane followed by a successful winter tour with Converge. On August 21st, 2007 Modern Life Is War will released their highly anticipated third album, "Midnight In America."

Track Listing:

1. Useless Generation
2. Screaming At The Moon
3. Stagger Lee
4. Big City Dream
5. Fxxk The Sex Pistols
6. Pendulum
7. These Mad Dogs Of Glory
8. Night Shift At The Potato Factory
9. The Motorcycle Boy Reigns
10. Humble Streets
11. Midnight In America