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Modern Pain "Peace Delusions"


Modern Pain's "Peace Delusions" can be described as "if 'In Utero' was a hardcore punk record," but even that might be underselling the Dallas, TX band's first full-length. This new album resembles a golden artifact unearthed from the '80s American hardcore underground, harnessing the unbridled aggression of groundbreaking acts like SSD, Poison Idea and Infest, and filtering it through the caustic, ashy atmospheres and unfettered noise rock of Texan predecessors Scratch Acid and the Jesus Lizard, as well as Moss Icon's murky, wordy pathos. This unpredictable, nerve-damaging, half-hour-long debut full-length remains at its core a spacey, noisy, punk record.

Track Listing:

1. Vivisepulture Pt. 1
2. Ego Death
3. Holy Foundations Crumble
4. When The Hymn Fades
5. My Reality Is Slipping Away
6. World Inverted
7. 4202
8. Peace Delusions
9. Leave Me Here
10. Vivisepulture Pt. 2