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MNP "Mindecision"


It was in the sleepy valley town of Roanoke tucked away in the tranquil Blue Ridge Mountains region of Southwest Virginia, circa 1984, that four teenagers came together to form Mnp or, for the non-Cyrillicly inclined, simply MNP. The tracks that made up the criminally underrated and sparsely circulated "Mindecision" cassette are a crucial entry into the annals of early Virginia hardcore-punk history, featuring 12 cuts of scorching, USHC executed by small-town high-school kids. Remastered from the original reels by Chris Corry, each record comes in a jacket adorned with the original cover art by drummer Lawson Jaeger, featuring a 12" x 24" insert chock full of live photos, flyers, and other ephemera, plus liner notes by guitarist Spencer Edmunds. Limited edition of 650 copies.

Track Listing:

1. Aftermath
2. Silent Screams
3. Mindecision
4. Sorrow
5. What's War For?
6. No Return
7. Bloody Slaughter
8. Ending Faster
9. Danse Macabre
10. First Impressions
11. Hand In Action
12. Assassination