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Flatspot Records


Mizery "Survive The Vibe"

"Survive The Vibe" is the debut EP from Southern California's Mizery and was originally released on Lion's Share Records but quickly went out of print and was unavailable. This new pressing is on Flatspot Records and features the same burning, grooving hardcore rooted in the styles of bands like Merauder and Crown Of Thornz, played by members of Downpresser and Xibalba. Now available again on vinyl.

Track Listing:

1. Burn
2. Forced Rebirth
3. Casualty Of Love
4. Survive The Vibe
5. Last Wishes
6. Injustice 4 All (CD only bonus track)
7. Fire (CD only bonus track)
8. Suprise! You're Dead (CD only bonus track)
9. Absolute Intro (live) (CD only bonus track)
10. Forced Rebirth (live) (CD only bonus track)
11. Casualty Of Love (live) (CD only bonus track)
12. Burn (live) (CD only bonus track)
13. Last Wishes (live) (CD only bonus track)
14. Survive The Vibe (live) (CD only bonus track)