Lockin' Out Records


Mil-Spec "World House"

Undeterred by 2020's parade of catastrophe, Toronto, Canada's Mil-Spec follows up 2018's "Changes" EP with their long-playing debut for Lockin' Out. They're still cute, they're still playing fast and tunefully - with debts to Turning Point, later Bold, Leatherface, and Moss Icon - and they're still trying to figure out what the hell went wrong. Emerging out of the band's distinct blend of melody, aggression, atmosphere, sensitivity, wit, and wistful fatalism, "World House" comes uniquely equipped to channel the spirit of these miserable times.

Track Listing:

1. Grand Design
2. When The Fever Broke...
3. Where I Was From
4. Parade
5. Colony
6. Counter Culture
7. The End Of History
8. World House