Hells Headbangers Records


Midnight "Shox Of Violence"


Since 2003, Midnight of Cleveland, OH, have been slaying the metal/punk underground with their own highly addictive brand of lust, filth and sleaze, building up a sizable (and collectible) catalog along the way. And while 2012's Hells Headbangers-released "Complete And Total Hell" collection compiled Midnight's massive amount of EPs and splits up to (and successive of) their now-classic debut album, "Satanic Royalty," the new kings of hell needed yet another bursting-at-the-seams compilation that wrangles all their EPs and splits since that momentous debut: enter "Shox Of Violence." But more than the usual odds 'n' sods collection so endemic to heavy metal, "Shox Of Violence" features four brand-new songs to keep Midnight's rabid legion of devotees sated while their third album is being prepared. As such, those four songs are being released as a stand-alone 12" EP, while the CD version packs a mammoth 25 tracks total. Across "Shox Of Violence," in addition to the four new songs, you will find the cover of Venom's "Too Loud For The Crowd" flexi that was available exclusively to subscribers of Decibel magazine, some super-rowdy live tracks and a handful of covers of Midnight favorites The Spits, covers of the likes of Quiet Riot, Girlschool, The Pagans, Australia's Taipan and NWOBHM cult Crucifixion among others - all songs that have yet to make it to CD format, essentially.