Fast Break! Records


MH Chaos "s/t"


Born in the shadows of hardcore under the bloody Chicago skyline, MH Chaos represent, though music, the chaos they feel from the city while paying homage to those that came before them. MH Chaos is influenced by the dark tremors of the Chicago hardcore scene, the groove of New York hardcore, and the spontaneousness of New Jersey hardcore. LP includes seven additional tracks.

Track Listing:

1. Chaos Returns
2. Genocide
3. 9mm
4. Denied
5. Yang
6. Bond
7. Natural Born Killer
8. Gravedance
9. Hammer Of Chaos (bonus track)
10. Take This Crown (bonus track)
11. Your Turn (bonus track)
12. Reality (bonus track)
13. Death Before Fear (bonus track)
14. Chaos Infinite (bonus track)
15. Herbicide (bonus track)