Run For Cover Records


Mewithoutyou "[untitled]"


The "[untitled]" EP was a seven-song collection released by surprise in 2018 ahead of Mewithoutyou's seventh album, "[Untitled]." Where the Run For Cover released full-length album brings out some of the most intense and heavy music the band has ever written, the "[untitled]" EP shows a softer side. The instrumentals combine elements of folk, psychedelia, and country to accompany vocalist Aaron Weiss' slightly slowed but ever-inspired delivery.

Track Listing:

1. Bethlehem, WV
2. Winter Solstice (alternate version)
3. Dirty Air
4. Cities Of The Plain
5. Existential Dread, Six Hours' Time
6. August 6th
7. Kristy W/The Sparkling Teeth