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Mean Jeans "Jingles Collection"

"Jingles Collection" is a collection of, well, "Jingles." Mean Jeans tackles everything from "Mountain Dew," to "Coors light," "Dunkaroos," "Pop Rocks;" and even give "180069SHRED" some love. These 23 tracks (most of which clock in at under a minute) give fans of the band everything they've come to expect from these guys: garage-style rock 'n' roll with all the hooks, energy, and humor you can handle. LP includes digital download.

Track Listing:

1. Coors Light
2. Wendy's (Junior Bacon Cheeseburger)
3. Totinos
4. Sizzler
5. Pop Rocks
6. Camel Lights
7. Kinkos
8. Mountain Dew
9. Applebees
10. Rain-X Wiper Blades
11. Skoal
12. 180069Shred
13. Polly-O String Cheese
14. Hot Pockets
15. Cheez-Its
16. The Footlong Song
17. Capri Sun
18. Taco Bell
19. Selsun Blue
20. Best Western
21. Dunkaroos
22. Kraft Mac & Cheese
23. (Unknown Product)