Beer City Records


MDC / The Restarts "Mobocracy (Split)"

After being long out of print for some time, Beer City is proud to present the restored and remastered version of the MDC/Restarts "Mobocracy" split LP. "Mobocracy" takes two ass-kicking bands from opposite sides of the pond and brings them together in a way that few split LPs can. The legendary MDC starts out on side one with seven fast and furious HXC/punk songs that will remind you of the ferociousness of MDC's first self-titled album. Side two brings you eight raw, street punk anthems that the Restarts are know for.

Track Listing:

1. MDC - Patriot Asshole
2. MDC - Quentin
3. MDC - Pollution
4. MDC - Absconding From The Gate
5. MDC - Addict
6. MDC - Doomed
7. MDC - Maryjane For President
8. The Restarts - Backwards
9. The Restarts - Thin Ice
10. The Restarts - Square One
11. The Restarts - Never
12. The Restarts - The Pied Piper
13. The Restarts - TV Detector
14. The Restarts - Got Away With It
15. The Restarts - N16