Beer City Records


MDC "Multi Death Chicken Stains: Millennium Edition"


After their debut album in 1982, MDC quickly became a a huge name in hardcore/punk. Finally, after all these years, all the songs from their legendary, early-'80s 7"s ("Multi-Death Corporations," "Millions Of Dead Children," and The Stains "John Wayne Was A Nazi") are assembled on one 12". Completely restored and remastered.

Track Listing:

1. Multi Death Corporations
2. Selfish Shit
3. Radioactive Chocolate
4. No Place To Piss
5. Chicken Squawk
6. Death Of A Nun
7. Kleptomaniac
8. (R)Evolution In Rock
9. Pay To Come Along
10. Pecking Order
11. John Wayne Was A Nazi
12. Born To Die
13. Corporate Deathburger
14. Dick For Brains