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Mammoth Grinder "Underworlds"

It's been nearly four years since the last Mammoth Grinder full-length, "Extinction Of Humanity," was released via Relapse Records (CD) and Cyclopean Records (vinyl). "Underworlds" marks a peak at which Mammoth Grinder has sharpened and perfected their sound into a seething grind/death/thrash maelstrom of intense degree. Unrelenting in concentrated raw precision and focused power, "Underworlds" careens violently through 10 tracks with effortless versatility and the fixated songcraft expected of a band on their third record. Tracks like "Wraparound Eyes" with its Unleashed-style midsection or the short sharp shock of "Paragon Pusher" illustrate Mammoth Grinder's mastery over multiple variations of metal to assemble their own sound. Now available on vinyl.

Track Listing:

1. Underworlds
2. Wraparound Eyes
3. Revenge
4. Paragon Pusher
5. Barricades
6. Cogs In The Machine
7. Roperide
8. Breeding
9. Born In A Bag
10. Moral Crux