Safe Inside Records


Low End "Steadfast"

Formed in summer 2018, Milwaukee, WI's Low End has wasted no time in establishing itself as a force to be reckoned with in the modern hardcore scene. Featuring members of Bridge 9 Records alumni Cross Me, the band has been working towards creating an explosive impact with their debut EP, "Steadfast," and their already impressive touring and festival history. With Safe Inside Records releasing their EP, "Steadfast," onto 7" vinyl in the spring of 2019, and plans to tour the West Coast in mid-2019 with Stepping Stone and Dare, they show no signs of stopping this display of hardcore dominance.

Track Listing:

1. L.E.M.K.E.
2. Steadfast
3. Struck My Chord
4. Empty Vessel
5. Poison Choice
6. War For You