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Not Like You Records


Locked Inside "Your Thoughts. Your Own."

Decades after New York City, NY, spawned the Youth Crew and its own straight-edge hardcore scene, NYC has a brand-new band carrying the banner that Youth Of Today, Judge, Project X, and Gorilla Biscuits waved before them. Locked Inside is made up of veterans of the New York, New Jersey, Long Island, Colombia, and Argentina hardcore scenes; all finding themselves residents of the New York metro area with a common interest in honoring the music and the message that once echoed in the hallowed halls of their common home. With a long history between them, Locked Inside made a point of not just playing retro hardcore, but bringing something fresh to the table.

Track Listing:

1. A Force United
2. Seasons Change
3. See The Light
4. Wake Up
5. Your Thoughts. Your Own.
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