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Less Than Jake "See The Light"

Throughout a career that has run the gamut from self-releases and small indie imprints to large independent labels and major music conglomerates, the band's arc has led them back to the proud status of a DIY collective that works together, much the way they began. The result of their approach is the old school sound of "See The Light." The album recaptures the bouncy energy and essence of the genre defining classics "Pezcore" and "Losing Streak," while looking through the fresh lens of experienced and cohesive songwriting that America's favorite ska-core band Less Than Jake have honed over their long haul together. Vinyl version includes a download card good for one free download of the album in MP3 format.

Track Listing:

1. Good Enough
2. My Money Is On The Long Shot
3. Jump
4. The Loudest Songs
5. Do The Math
6. Bless The Cracks
7. John The Baptist Bones
8. American Idle
9. The Troubles
10. Give Me Something To Believe In
11. Sunstroke
12. A Short History Lesson
13. Weekends All Year Long