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Last Gasp "Who Wants To Die Tonight?"


Coming up in Cleveland, OH, instills a sense of grit, resiliency, and white-knuckle determination. Last Gasp is a band that embodies these attributes. Mixing equal parts of early A.F.I. with harder-edged bands like Rotting Out, Allegiance, Panic, and Right Brigade, "Who Wants to Die Tonight?" captures a band firing on all cylinders and creating a sound forged from influences of the past while still retaining a modern sound.

Track Listing:

1. Who Wants To Die Tonight?
2. Oh, Fatal Practicality
3. Safe Midwestern Home
4. Seizure The Day
5. Delusion Of Need
6. Short Term Pleasure, Long Term Hell
7. Ever Get The Feeling You've Been Cheated?
8. Smear Campaign
9. October 13th
10. Nightmare City