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Kristofer Astrom & Hidden Truck "Plastered Confessions"

Kristofer strm has become one of Sweden's most popular singer/songwriters over the last few years, receiving critical acclaim and selling large quantities of all three albums. His already reknown pop/rock group, Fireside, have been a staple in the Swedish rock world for many years, and this release for Kristofer strm comes at the same time as their new full-length hits the streets. Kristofer strm was nominated for a Grammy in Sweden in the category BEST ROCK/POP - MALE (for the Northern Blues Album). He's sold well over 50,000 records in Sweden alone and his popularity continues to grow with every release. This collection of six songs was put together to introduce the rest of the world to Kristofer's talent. Here are five songs selected from his three full-length albums and an exclusively recorded Steve Earl cover that makes it necessary to own this release even when one has all three of the full lengths.

Track Listing:

1. Without Your Love
2. Years Since Yesterday
3. Go, Went, Gone
4. Leaving Song
5. The Old Man's Meadow
6. Another Town