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Krieg Kopf "War On Terrorism"

Forming in 1983 from the ashes of Attack, Krieg Kopf made a name for themselves in the New York hardcore scene self-releasing two cassette albums and playing constant gigs around the city, Long Island, and beyond. 1987 saw Krieg Kopf entering the studio to produce a full-length record, but the band dissolved before the recording was completed and the session remained unmixed until 2019. This full-length collects 19 studio tracks from the two cassette albums and the LP sessions, plus one live track recorded at CBGB (where else?). LP includes a 12" x 36" poster and t-shirt iron-on. Limited edition of 500 copies.

Track Listing:

1. Dishonor
2. Hasty Ambush
3. Easy Way Out
4. Violent Reaction
5. Hilf Uns
6. Who Knows Or Cares
7. Nuclear Test
8. Let's Go
9. Terrorism
10. Warhead
11. Sick Boy
12. My Subconscious
13. Gun Power
14. Feast Or Famine
15. The Work Song
16. State Aid
17. For The Money
18. Immortal
19. Atom Bomb
20. Gun Power (live)