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Kill Your Idols "This Is Just The Beginning..."


"This Is Just The Beginning" by the hardcore-punk band Kill Your Idols is a relentless and energetic album that captures the essence of the underground punk scene. With its fast-paced rhythms, aggressive guitar work, and defiant lyrics, the album serves as a manifesto for those who resist conformity and embrace individuality. This is the first time "This Is Just The Beginning..." is available on vinyl since 1999. This is the yellow vinyl version, exclusive to Rev and limited to 100 copies.

Track Listing:

1. Cant Take It Away
2. Falling
3. See Through You
4. Enjoy The Show
5. ...Just The Beginning
6. I'm Still Here
7. Epilogue
8. Shits Creek
9. Fashion Statement
10. Wake Up Sheep
11. Change
12. Send In The Clowns
13. Dread
14. Know The Pain
15. The Path
16. Cousin Fred
17. What I've Become
18. Won't Forget You
19. Control
20. Green
21. Small Man Big Mouth