Blackout Records


Kill Your Idols "Live At CBGB"


Few venues produce live recordings as well as CBGBs always did, and Kill Your Idols' "Live At CBGB" recording is no exception. Recorded during the swampy, New York summer of 2000, these 16 tracks are classic Kill Your Idols, drawing from "No Gimmicks Needed," "This Is Just The Beginning," and the band's 1997 12"ep. This is the first time "Live At CBGB" from Kill Your Idols is available on vinyl since its initial release in 2004. This is the yellow vinyl version, exclusive to Rev and limited to 100 copies.

Track Listing:

1. Hardcore Circa '99
2. Falling
3. See Thru You
4. What I've Become
5. Cast Me Aside
6. Enjoy The Show
7. Green
8. I Hope You Know
9. Right Now
10. Send In The Clowns
11. Know The Pain
12. Autumn
13. The Path
14. Epilogue
15. Here To Stay
16. Can't Take My Pride