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Just Friends "Nothing But Love"


It's rare to find an underground band as eclectic and diverse as Just Friends. With eight official members and more credited on the record, they bring a unique energy to the stage that is unparalleled by any band at their level. A fusion of genres, they prefer to sum themselves up as "a rock band" which hardly does justice to the influences ranging from soul, R&B, punk, even to ska as they have a full horn section.

Track Listing:

1. 1-800-Chop-City
2. Never Gonna Bring You Down
3. Keep Up
4. Supersonic
5. Flex
6. I Wanna Love You
7. 1077 KJFC
8. Get Down
9. Nothing But Love
10. Sick Of It All
11. Bang My Line 2
12. Faucet
13. Worry