WAR Records


Juice "Festival Of Fools"


Hailing from Vancouver, Canada, Juice formed like Voltron, merging members from some of the finest bands the Great White North has to offer. Set to release via WAR Records, Juice's debut full-length, "Festival Of Fools," promises to hit you like a ton of bricks and solidify their place as one of Canada's premier hardcore bands. Featuring members from The Enforcers, Poisoned Seeds, World Of Pleasure, A Mourning Star, World View, and Odd Man Out, "Festival Of Fools" offers a sound that's straightforward enough for hardcore enthusiasts, hard enough to move the dance floor, and packed with enough solos to keep the metalheads headbanging.

Track Listing:

1. Victim Of The Psychic War
2. 3
3. Terror Unit
4. Drug Game
5. Festival Of Fools
6. Adreno-Zone
7. Satanic Pimp (Psychic mix)
8. Murder (Psychic mix)
9. Nuclear Melody
10. Demons (Psychic mix)