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Judiciary "Flesh & Blood"


Balancing traditionally timeless grit with 21st-century gusto, Judiciary hammers out hardcore grooves at breakneck thrash speeds. The Texas quintet - Jake Collinson (vocals), Kyle Calfin (bass), Austin Looney (drums), Jimmy LaDue (guitar), and Israel Garza (guitar) -  wield a searing, signature style unlike anything in heavy music. With calculated intensity, it bludgeons without compromise, draws back for a breath, and strikes again even harder. LP includes digital download.

Track Listing:

1. Flesh
2. Blood
3. Engulfed
4. Paradigm Piercer
5. Knife In The Dirt
6. Stare Into The Sun
7. Cobalt
8. Steel Hand God
9. Obsidian
10. Eschatos Hemera