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Jimmy Eat World "Static Prevails"


"Static Prevails" is the second studio album by Jimmy Eat World, originally released in 1996. Recorded at Sound City in Los Angeles, CA, and at Big Fish, in Encinitas, CA, Wes Kidd, Mark Trombino, and Jimmy Eat World acted as producers for the album. "Static Prevails" saw the band move away from skate punk and pop-punk, and into a more aggressive sound consisting of post-hardcore, emo, and punk rock. Now available again on vinyl with a gatefold cover.

Track Listing:

1. Thinking, That's All
2. Rockstar
3. Claire
4. Call It In The Air
5. Seventeen
6. Episode IV
7. Digits
8. Caveman
9. World Is Static
10. In The Same Room
11. Robot Factory
12. Anderson Mesa
13. 77 Satellites (bonus track)
14. What Would I Say To You Now (bonus track)