Jets To Brazil "Orange Rhyming Dictionary"

With the 1998 release of their first LP, "Orange Rhyming Dictionary," Jets To Brazil took the expectations of their peers and turned them on their heads, surprising most with their breed of music that is fresh and excitingly powerful. Jets To Brazil followed up with "Four Cornered Night" in August 2000. Two years later, the band returned with their darkest, most inspirational material to date; "Perfecting Loneliness" was released in October 2002 and reflected mega-tight musicianship from the band.

Track Listing:

1. Crown Of The Valley
2. Morning New Disease
3. Resistance Is Futile
4. Starry Configurations
5. China Town
6. Sea Anemone
7. Lemon Yellow Black
8. Conrad
9. King Medicine
10. I Typed For Miles
11. Sweet Avenue