Future Vampire Club


Jeff Caudill "Here's Where You Should Try To Be"


Future Vampire Club is beyond excited to announce the release of Jeff Caudill's "Here's Where You Should Try To Be" 2xLP. This collection combines both of Jeff's early, self- released, solo albums, "Here's What You Should Do" (Fortunate Son 2005) and "Try To Be Here" (Fortunate Son 2008), released on vinyl for the first time. "Here's Where You Should Try To Be" contains brand-new artwork created by Jeff, new sequencing, and has been mastered for vinyl.

Track Listing:

1. Favorite Version Of Your Life
2. Stop Writing Songs
3. Destination
4. Nite Lite
5. Never Been High
6. Then There's Me
7. Crazy People Do
8. Worn Out Welcome
9. Getaway Car
10. My Side Of The Bridge
11. What You Deserve
12. Try To Be Here
13. Remember The Time
14. Stay Home
15. Spend
16. Reminder
17. I Was The Lead Singer
18. Transition City
19. Song About A Pisces
20. Dreaming In Realtime
21. Let's Get Lost
22. All Things New