Blackball Records


Jawbreaker "Unfun: 20th Anniversary Edition"

Blackball Records presents the 20th anniversary edition of Jawbreaker's beloved, 1990 debut album, "Unfun," - 12 groundbreaking tracks that captured the very inception of emo's big band and launched a galaxy of young, earnest bands and the scenes that love them. This vinyl version is available for the first time since 1992, and the download version of the record includes the three-song "Whack & Blite" EP as well as the 7" mix of "Busy" as bonus tracks. This reissue features restored original artwork and includes additional band photos from the time of recording. LP includes free MP3 download of the entire album plus bonus tracks.

Track Listing:

1. Want
2. Seethruskin
3. Fine Day
4. Incomplete
5. Imaginary War
6. Busy
7. Softcore
8. Driven
9. Wound
10. Down
11. Gutless
12. Drone
13. Lawn (digital download only bonus track)
14. Crane (digital download only bonus track)
15. Eye-5 (digital download only bonus track)
16. Busy (alternate mix) (digital download only bonus track)