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Jawbreaker "Etc."

Etc. is the long-anticipated collection of A-sides, B-sides, covers and outtakes by the band Jawbreaker. Presented chronologically, the journey begins in November '88 with a track recorded on the first Jawbreaker demo (before they were even known as Jawbreaker) and ends 20 songs later with the trio's final studio recording, a version of "Boxcar" re-worked at the end of the DGC "Dear You" sessions (hey, the studio was paid for). The artwork for "Etc." is warmly inviting to the familiar legions, who will revel in the band's track-by-track commentary and printed lyrics (courtesy of Aaron Cometbus). Now available again on vinyl.

Track Listing:

1. Shield Your Eyes
2. Equalized
3. Caroline
4. Better Half
5. Split
6. Gutless
7. With Or Without U2
8. Fantastic Planet
9. Rich
10. Peel It The Fuck Down
11. Pretty Persuasion
12. Kiss The Bottle
13. First Step
14. Friends Back East
15. Sea Foam Green
16. Housesitter
17. Into You Like A Train
18. Sister
19. Friendly Fire
20. Boxcar