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Iron Age "The Sleeping Eye: 10th Anniversary Edition"


In 2009, Iron Age unleashed their second album, "The Sleeping Eye," upon the world like a many-tentacled monstrosity, ripping to shreds boundaries between epic heavy metal and punishing hardcore. Working equally as individual songs and a distinct, conceptual whole, Iron Age forged an album of lasting importance and influence. Adorned with new artwork by Jerry "Wyrmwalk" Hionis to more fully embrace the deeply-rooted Lovecraftian madness at the album's core, this album remains, ten years later, as powerful as ever, reigniting the Iron Age, and its impact can be widely felt throughout the metal/hardcore scene of the last decade.

Track Listing:

1. Sleeping Eye Of The Watcher
2. Dispossessed
3. Burden Of Empire
4. Materia Prima
5. A Younger Earth
6. Arcana (Part 1 - Threshold)
7. Arcana (Part 2 - Sacrifice On The Cosmic Altar)
8. The Way Is Narrow