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625 Thrash Core


Internal Rot "Grieving Birth"

Absolutely pulverizing grindcore as lethal as running a marathon in the open desert without any water. There are no tricks, no gimmicks, no pitch shift, no triggers, no psychic surgery, just grind. Do you grind? LP includes digital download.

Track Listing:

1. Transmission
2. Unnegotiable Impact
3. Grim Magnetic
4. Agonesiac
5. Harpooned
6. Chronic Bedlam
7. Eaten By Crabs
8. Failed Organum
9. Pandemath
10. Arroyo
11. Orbiting Flesh
12. Grieving Birth
13. Judas Chair
14. Axelrod's Revenge
15. Sensitive Cop
16. Melted Cosmos
17. Aporia
18. Gorge On Abuse
19. Reprobated Embryo
20. Deep Pleasure
21. Fermented Mess
22. Dolor
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