625 Thrash Core


Internal Rot "Mental Hygiene"

Australia's answer to Excruciating Terror delivers a monstrous barrage of head-erupting grindcore on their debut full-length. Invoking the roots of Napalm Death's "From Enslavement To Obliteration," this three-man grind unit will pummel even the most hardened grind fan. Now available again on vinyl.

Track Listing:

1. Muciferous
2. Blessed With Light
3. Bamboo Spine
4. Long Pig
5. Sex Everywhere
6. Mental Hygiene
7. True Remorse
8. Opened From Inside
9. Nose In Neck
10. Beamer
11. Chalk Tooth
12. Eyelids
13. Lashed With Viscera
14. Teeth Eating
15. Lingchin
16. Head On A Stick
17. Morons, Infidels And Fools
18. Hodgkinson St
19. Hit And Run
20. Riddled With Rage