Another City Records


Ill Communication "Ode To The Old Gods / Def Threats In The Hieroglyphics"


Andy Diehard from Tehachapi, CA's Diehard Youth has teamed up with Roger Camero from No Motiv and Retaliate to bring this new project with both of the band's EPs being presented on this one convenient release. Guest vocals come courtesy of Zack Nelson of Retaliate and In Control, Marshall Lichtenwaldt of The Warriors, and Gregg Fiddler of Elephant Skin. 12"ep includes a laser-printed B-side.

Track Listing:

2. Local Union #1134
3. Me, Myself, I And I
4. Born To Ill
5. Friends Don't Let Friends Die Alone
6. Ill-Cult
7. Ear Goggles And X-Rays
8. 113 Miles And Running