To Live A Lie Records


Hummingbird Of Death "Full Spectrum Dominance"


This is a whopping 46-minute, 91-song collection full-length of Hummingbird Of Death's out of print work and unreleased items from 2005-2008. On this, you'll find the "Diagnosis: Delicious" EP, their split with I Accuse!, their split with Pile Of Maggot Infested Viscera, the "Goatmeal" EP, their split with Chainsaw To The Face, their split with Dead Stare, "Works Both Ways," their original "Lightspeed" demo, and four previously unreleased songs. If you ever had a Charles Bronson patch crudely sewn on your pants, then you're doing yourself a major disservice by not buying this immediately. Limited edition of 500 copies.