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Human Garbage "Straight Not Giving A Fuck / Valley's Most Hated"


Human Garbage's "Straight Not Giving A Fuck" and "Valley's Most Hated," together on one full-length. Features a gatefold jacket with UV, spot-gloss printing.

Track Listing:

1. Dead & Gone
2. Tears Tell Lies
3. Join, Or Die!
4. Earn Your Respect
5. C.A. FIRST!
6. PC Punks Fuck Off
7. Rumors Into Truth
8. Ain't No Friend Of Mine
9. Confined To Hate
10. Today's Sweetheart
11. Cries Go Unheard
12. Valley's Most Hated
13. Problem For Me
14. Straight Not Giving A Fuck
15. Chaos
16. Cursed At Birth
17. Die Slow Motherfuckers
18. Love That I Lack
19. No Turning Back
20. S.F.V. Forever
21. Hand Over Fist
22. Sad Disguise
23. Enemy Of This World
24. What Unity?