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Horse Jumper Of Love "Natural Part"


There's a space between literal and abstract where art often resides, and few bands excel at navigating that surreal territory more deftly than Horse Jumper Of Love. On their third full-length, "Natural Part," the Boston, MA-based three-piece revels in the act of grasping at something that can't be held, smudging the lines between rich details, hazy memories, vivid moments, and intangible feelings to create their most captivating record to date. It's an album planted firmly in small moments that feel big: the unexpected flashes that somehow feel authentic and esoteric all at once, and cut through our busy lives to ground us in something that seems meaningful - even if we can't fully articulate why.

Track Listing:

1. Snake Skin
2. Ding-Dong Ditch
3. I Poured Sugar In Your Shoes
4. The Natural Part
5. Under The House (Skunks)
6. Sitting On The Porch At Night
7. Chariots
8. I Put A Crown On You
9. Mask
10. Velcro
11. Bucket Of Gold