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Revelation Records


Himsa "Ground Breaking Ceremony"

Himsa was forged in October of 1998 to provide outlets of each members' expression, anger, political ideas and emotional rage. Initiated by members of Seattle band Trial, the genesis of Himsa began at a basement practice. With the addition of the multi-talented Aaron Edge (Harkonen, Genuine, Christ, Anonymous) on guitar and Christian (Anonymous, Jessica) on vocals, the makings for a complete aural and mental assault were complete. "Himsa's members come from hardcore backgrounds, but I'm not looking to label us as a hardcore band."

Track Listing:

1. Daylight Savings
2. The Great Depression
3. Another Version Of The Twist
4. Groud Breaking Ceremony
5. Carrier
6. Mud
7. Cremation
8. The Date Is Here
9. Tapas
10. White Out
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