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Hesitation Wounds "Awake For Everything"

Hesitation Wounds is the musical collaboration of Jeremy Bolm, Jay Weinberg, Neeraj Kane and Stephen "Scuba" LaCour. The band may have a very modest and organic origin - just four friends making the music they love with no preconceptions - but "Awake For Everything" is far from a slapdash vanity project. It's an album of abrasive and moody hardcore that takes unexpected twists and turns while always remaining satisfyingly aggressive. Vinyl version includes download code.

Track Listing:

1. Operatic
2. Bleach
3. Hands Up
4. New Abuse
5. All We Know
6. Ends (Pt 1)
7. Guthrie
8. Away
9. Teeth
10. Ends (Pt 2)
11. Streamlined