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Heresy "1985-'87"


From 1985-1989, Heresy was one of the leading lights of the rapidly expanding UK hardcore scene, and through their releases both for the then-fledgling Earache label and through their own In Your Face imprint, their influence still lives on today, shown by the highly collectible prices paid for their long out-of-print back catalog. "1985-'87" traces the early, formative years of the band, from their previously unreleased seven-song demo tape from 1985, to the debut six-track "Never Healed" flexi-disc 7" EP, and the virtually impossible-to-find four-song "Thanks" 7" EP, rounded out with two additional previously unreleased tracks. Imported from the UK. Now available again on colored vinyl.

Track Listing:

1. Never Healed
2. Deprived
3. Mentally Conned
4. Blinded By Power
5. Heresy
6. Cries Of Want
7. Intro.../Disfigured World
8. Never Healed
9. Despair
10. Deathbiter
11. Anguish Of War
12. More Blood Is Shed
13. Dead
14. Visions In Fear
15. Path To Decadence
16. Make The Connection
17. Trapped In A Scene
18. Network Of Friends
19. Accpetance