Pure Noise Entertainment


Hawthorne Heights "The Rain Just Follows Me"


RELEASE DATE: 10/22/21

"The Rain Just Follows Me" is the sound of an outbound train falling off the tracks. Just like the never ending itinerary, "The Rain Just Follows Me" was written and recorded under extreme exhaustion and stress. Tired, strained, and searching for a moment where you can just hit pause... but you can't, because here comes the next song.

Track Listing:

1. Constant Dread
2. The Rain Just Follows Me
3. Holy Coast
4. Tired And Alone
5. Thunder In Our Hearts
6. Spray Paint It Black
7. Dull Headlights
8. Palm Canyon Drive
9. Seafoam
10. Words Can't Hurt
11. Bambarra Beach (The End)