Bridge Nine Records


Have Heart "Songs To Scream At The Sun: Silver Anniversary Edition"


To celebrate 25+ years of Bridge Nine Records and the upcoming 15th anniversary of Have Heart's final studio album, they've given "Songs To Scream At The Sun" their silver-vinyl treatment. They've pressed a one-time edition of 1,000 copies on silver vinyl, housed in black-and-white printed jackets on silverboard. Bridge Nine Records is excited to have "Songs To Scream At The Sun" join their silver-edition series.

Track Listing:

1. The Same Son
2. Bostons
3. Pave Paradise
4. On That Bird In The Cage
5. Brotherly Love
6. No Roses, No Skies
7. The Taste Of The Floor
8. Reflections
9. Hard Bark On The Family Tree
10. The Same Sun