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Hardside "Time Is Punishment"

To introduce the world to their recorded output, Hardside offered up an EP, "Crucified," in 2011 via 6131 Records. While serving as a great early taste of their potential, it's not until their forthcoming full-length, "Time Is Punishment," that the band fully realizes their music prowess. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Paul Miner (Terror, Trapped Under Ice, H2O), and featuring artwork by Linas Garsys (American Nightmare, AFI, Ceremony), "Time Is Punishment" exhibits a masterful blending of their hardcore roots with more metallic influences. Now available on cassette.

Track Listing:

1. Shut It Out
2. Controlled
3. Cant Relate
4. Survive
5. Grim Reality
6. Worlds Apart
7. Severed
8. Numb
9. The Extermination
10. Hardside
11. No Peace
12. Lawless (bonus track)