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Hard-Ons "Dickcheese"

The third album from one of Australia's most popular, most enduring, and most defiantly independent punk bands. The Hard-Ons have been around on and off since 1982, in that time they have been an influence on more than one generation of punk fans while earning respect from musicians around the world. Their own description of their mix of punk, pop, and metal is "Motorhead playing the Beach Boys." Now available again on vinyl.

Track Listing:

1. Stairway To Punchbowl
2. There Was A Time
3. Made To Love You
4. What Am I 'Spose To Do?
5. Oozing For Pleasure
6. Nerds
7. Everytime I Do A Fart
8. Got A Baby
9. Yuppies Suck
10. Figaro
11. Fuck Society
12. Something About You
13. Mickey Juice
14. Ache To Touch You
15. Why Don't You Shut Up
16. Get Away
17. All Washed Up
18. Pretty Face