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Vitriol Records


Graf Orlock "Examination Of Violent Cinema Volume 1"

Graf Orlock is back with an LP chugging grind/hardcore that is a critique on the weak and prosaic state of the last decades endlessly recycled and not-nearly-violent-enough releases, but also the question of how one could even contemplate the creation of "art" in a landscape so devoid of vision. Comes in a die-cut, fully-glued jacket with autopsy information and black plastic "body bag."

Track Listing:

1. Back In The Ground
2. Alternate Route To Mexico
3. A Man Named Suicide
4. He Jumped Off A Roof
5. Stairs To Eggroom
6. Dominant Species
7. Five Stars General
8. Go Away (To Paradise)
9. Minimum Freedom
10. Extreme Measures
11. Rooftop Anarchy
12. Almost Human
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