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Graf Orlock "Doombox"

Doombox is the most ridiculously packaged product yet from cinema-grinders Graf Orlock. Not only does the release feature a 10" as well as a 42-track CD which includes the 10" plus their previous three releases, but the entire package folds out into a full-size boombox complete with instruction manual. Now available again on colored vinyl.

Track Listing:

1. Wrecking Crew
2. Job Hunt
3. Arrested At Lunch
4. South Central
5. 1993; A Week B4 Graduation
6. New Years Eve 1999
7. Chapter III (bonus track)
8. Run Over By A Truck (bonus track)
9. Franky; Buying Dog Food (bonus track)
10. An Interest In Prosthetics (bonus track)
11. Not Our Problem (bonus track)
12. Days Of High Adventure (bonus track)
13. Deluxe Mental Hospital Tour (bonus track)
14. Jamming In Traffic (bonus track)
15. Pre-Retirement Nerves; Cop Killers (bonus track)
16. Talking Terrorism (bonus track)
17. Murder On The MTA (bonus track)
18. A Bad Day In Africa (bonus track)
19. Voice Of America's Sons (bonus track)
20. Game Time (bonus track)
21. A Shocking Interrogation (bonus track)
22. A Misappropriation Of Sector Resources (bonus track)
23. Corpserate Greed (bonus track)<