Vitriol Records


Graf Orlock "Crime Traveler"

Celebrating over ten years as a band, California movie-grind lords Graf Orlock present yet another LP of start/stop, grind/hardcore, whatever you call it laced with movie samples and tons of intellect, satire and sarcasm. This is ten songs running just over 31 minutes and is packaged in a 12-page, full-color, completely related, content-driven morass that is like a time-wasting video game with much less payoff. Delve into the minds of people you wouldn't even want to be friends with in this overtly complex (master)piece. LP includes digital download.

Track Listing:

1. Bad Cell Service On Connecticut Avenue
2. 600,000 Tons Of Explosive Ordnance
3. Afternoon Lunch At The Red Bacchus
4. A Decent Proposal In A Shitty Alley
5. Regional Turf War Spills Blood On Vegas Strip
6. Nursing A Hangover
7. Our Infallible Cybernetic Future
8. Summer Getaway, Mount Hermon
9. Difficult Decisions In The Yutani Mess Hall
10. Cheaper, Safer, And Better Than The Real Thing