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Government Warning "No Moderation"


Damn... 15 years since this record first came out. Originally released on Feral Ward in 2006, "No Moderation" rips through ten blistering tracks of no-frills, early-'80s hardcore; taking the speed and ferocity of Jerry's Kids, F.U.'s, and Koro, and combining it with the hook-laden, SoCal-punk sensibilities of the Adolescents or Agent Orange. "No Moderation" is held by many to be Government Warning's defining record, and it's available to the masses once again. Now available again on colored vinyl.

Track Listing:

1. No Moderation
2. Jocks And Cops
3. Cutting Room Floor
4. Fat Nation
5. Self Medication
6. Trend City
7. Slave Labor
8. Powder Keg
9. See The Truth
10. Sick Of Home