Glitterer "Rationale"


Offering fuzzy grunge-pop with doses of shimmering synths and emo angst, Ned Russin co-fronted Title Fight before halting in 2018, and Ned began playing music as Glitterer. Now a full band, Glitterer returns with "Rationale," combining '90s grunge, capital-R riffs a la The Stooges, and a keyboard lead that gives self-deprecating melodrama. This trend toward driving indie-rock grit with '90s influences continued on 2021's "Life Is Not A Lesson" and now "Rationale."

Track Listing:

1. I Want To Be Invisible
2. The Same Ordinary
3. Plastic
4. Can't Feel Anything
5. Big Winner
6. Recollection
7. Certainty
8. It's My Turn
9. Just A Place
10. No One There
11. My Lonely Lightning
12. Half Truth