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Vitriol Records


Ghostlimb "Difficult Loves"

Ghostlimb's first release since 2012's "Confluence," this is a beast of the hated interim period. This is a chiseled-down, lean beast of a record, equal parts melody and graveled hardcore. Some of these songs find the band in expanded form exhibiting elements of thrash, death metal and rock through the lens of punk and generally disliking everything in the world. Members of Graf Orlock and Dangers. LP includes digital download.

Track Listing:

1. A Gobi Of Suburbs
2. Sense Of Place
3. Hostility Compelling
4. Wall Of Books
5. Difficult Loves
6. Brushfire
7. Folds In The Sheets
8. Nine
9. Addressee Relocated To Cemetery
10. Treason Fluently
11. Life's Blood
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