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Get Dead "Dancing With The Curse"


While "Dancing With The Curse" features Get Dead's signature NorCal-punk sound, balancing bombast with up-picked bounce and dirt-smudged acoustic songs, listeners will notice some curious moments. Subtle electronic flourishes lurk in some songs while the album opens with an atmospheric intro built on vocalist Sam King's gravely voice and hip-hop influenced cadence. These sonic detours suit a band that doesn't know to stay in one place for too long. Now available on vinyl. LP includes digital download.

Track Listing:

1. Disruption
2. Nickel Plated
3. Fire Sale
4. Stickup
5. Glitch
6. Confrontation
7. Hard Times
8. 8 Track
9. Green's Girl
10. Pepperspray
11. Confidence Game
12. Take It