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Garrison "A Mile in Cold Water"

Without the radical departure in style so typical of big musical strides, <b>Garrison</b> takes their songwriting talent to new heights with their debut full length, <i>A Mile In Cold Water</i>. This long awaited LP incorporates driving rock with soaring melodies, seamless transitions and insightful lyrics. Produced by Kurt Ballou (Cave-In, Converge, Isis, Piebald), the record is somehow distorted while clear harmonies run throughout. Fans of everything from Mineral to Fugazi will want to give this a listen. But Garrison's sound isn't easy to classify - <i>Land Of Treason</i> 'zine perhaps said it best: "Garrison is too awkward and off-kilter for the indie-pop tag and too musically intricate and textured for any of the hardcore pigeonholes."

Track Listing:

1. After The Fight
2. Selective Hearing Loss
3. Is That A Threat?
4. Squirrel Bait
5. There's Only So Much Coffee
6. Our Mild Scoliosis
7. Always Be Closing
8. Fuel
9. The Dumbest Angel
10. Penelope
11. Favorite Goodbye Fuck
12. Reprise